Daddy Appreciation Day

Dad, daddy, father, papa, bubba - whatever you know them as it doesn’t matter because they are all undercover heroes in our eyes. 

Now being all female here at the White Rabbit HQ, we are in solid agreement that men are just the hardest humans to gift! 

Seeing as daddy appreciation day (as we like to call it) is fast approaching it only seemed right to help you out and tell you some of our favourite present ideas!

Because deep down we know every new dad needs a little help keep that fabulous new dad glow! | @mens_society | image credit @mens_society

When they are an instagram friendly dad, whats better than a matching outfit? | @rockonrubyxx | image credit @rockonrubyxx

And if all else fails surprise them with a beautiful portrait of that beautiful human (or human’s) he helped create! | check out our sessions here

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